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Day Trading It is a unique Web Site and Stock Market Newsletter featuring expert picks and tips that will help you become more successful in your online stock trading and swing trading.

The Stock Trading Newsletter

Published every morning before the Markets open, the Day Trading It Newsletter is geared toward short term stock trading (1-10 days) and intraday stock trading. Every Market evening we analyze the entire market and scan through a large database of stocks separating those with short term trading potential from those without potential. We then present our trading picks to you in our daily Newsletter. Our approach successfully captures volatile stocks that are in place to move rapidly and are well positioned to make substantial moves, typically profiting within 1 to 7 days. Get the stock trading tips and picks your trading needs to succeed!

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The Trading Newsletter includes:

 New trading picks every market day!

 Clear & objective entry points provided.

 Profit targets given for each trade.

 Exact & objective stop loss points.

 Daily updates on all positions.

  Daily stock market wrap.

  Authoritative Macro Market summary.

 Subscriber access to our trading system.

  No hype, just common sense trades.

  Learn short-term strategies w/ low risk.

 Learn to protect gains and cut losses.

 Learn the proper use of emergency stops.

 Learn proper trade management.

 Learn to trade with the trend.

 Learn to See what others don't!

 Increase your pattern recognition.

  Add discipline to your trading.

 Eliminate emotional trading reactions.

 Our picks profit within 1 to 7 days.

 We go long as well as short stocks.

 We trade only high volume stocks.

 We trade only Nasdaq, Nyse & Amex.

 We put an emphasis on locking in gains.

 We control downside risk.

  Join & increase your trading confidence.

 Join & make more educated trades.

 Profit on advancing and declining stocks!

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What subscribers are saying about us:

"I think that you guys are true experts with unparalleled technical expertise and market knowledge!! I follow your performance on a daily basis and it is remarkable. I have done well following your recommendations."
Dr. Strassmann

"Following your system has almost entirely taken the emotional factor out of trading for me. And I've actually quit doing any research at all on your picks... After almost a year with you I've found that all I really need to do is get to the computer about 30 minutes before the opening bell, read your newsletter and I'm set for the day!"
Tom G.

"In just this past week I have found your service to be the most accurate I have ever used. I have more than made enough to cover a couple years worth of subscriptions. Keep up the great work!"
Marty B.

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